Friday, April 5, 2013

Primark Purchases

Loving this ombré/dip dye jumper,just what i wanted! 

The men's section is primark doesn't hurt does it? it was only £12 
Its so comfy too,and would go with a lot,i'm wearing my leather jacket with it tomorrow yay!

Looking just a tad moody in these photo's? But its the top that counts, my new 'boyfriend tee' is so cute and it's also what i have always wanted! £3.50 is so good for this! i would usually tuck it into my leggings but i wanted to fit it all in.

I aslo got another top like this

Same style just crop and a darker grey,this was £3! I love this,maybe a bit cold to wear like this at the moment,but maybe a tight top underneath! i think its so cute, it will look great in the summer!
I suggest everybody gets one haha:p


As you have already guessed, this is also the men's section,but i guess they just have better clothes?
£3 is defo not bad for this, the pattern on the pocket is so cute haha! 

  something i have looked at for ages,always wanted a pair!

you can actually make a pair yourself, which is what im going to do probably,but since i saw a pair with little studds for £1.50 then i might as well!

This is the other pair of socks i bought,they look grey but they are light blue,i think they look so cute with creepers,sadly i didn't get any,but i will!

You can see the socks alot clearer here, and as you can also see my new earrings yay! always wanted some little ones like this, i have 2 on each ear,so mix and match haha, my day at primark was worth it loads after a nice night with my cousin and auntie!
Sure am going to miss the holidays...because back to school i go.

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