Thursday, April 11, 2013

The whole thing

 I love this outfit, i saw it on a model in H&M which is where the skater skirt and top is from, the leather jacket is from accessories, and the gorgeous shoes from River Island! will be wearing this in summer,but for now i will wear with black tights!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cousins Train Tracks..Cute!

This looks really cute aw,shame he doesn't like it, every time i built it he would rip it apart,but first he would stand in the middle,move the trains around..look around the room and then throw everything,such a little cutie bless him!

This isn't fashion related at all but the blog is 'fashionlivelove' hence the bit 'live' is just general things in life,so i thought it would be cute to blog this!

Primark Purchases

Loving this ombré/dip dye jumper,just what i wanted! 

The men's section is primark doesn't hurt does it? it was only £12 
Its so comfy too,and would go with a lot,i'm wearing my leather jacket with it tomorrow yay!

Looking just a tad moody in these photo's? But its the top that counts, my new 'boyfriend tee' is so cute and it's also what i have always wanted! £3.50 is so good for this! i would usually tuck it into my leggings but i wanted to fit it all in.

I aslo got another top like this

Same style just crop and a darker grey,this was £3! I love this,maybe a bit cold to wear like this at the moment,but maybe a tight top underneath! i think its so cute, it will look great in the summer!
I suggest everybody gets one haha:p


As you have already guessed, this is also the men's section,but i guess they just have better clothes?
£3 is defo not bad for this, the pattern on the pocket is so cute haha! 

  something i have looked at for ages,always wanted a pair!

you can actually make a pair yourself, which is what im going to do probably,but since i saw a pair with little studds for £1.50 then i might as well!

This is the other pair of socks i bought,they look grey but they are light blue,i think they look so cute with creepers,sadly i didn't get any,but i will!

You can see the socks alot clearer here, and as you can also see my new earrings yay! always wanted some little ones like this, i have 2 on each ear,so mix and match haha, my day at primark was worth it loads after a nice night with my cousin and auntie!
Sure am going to miss the holidays...because back to school i go.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This stuff is amazing!! makes your hair smell lush and so smooth!

The company 'Percy&Reed' is where this is from, it makes the colour in you're hair stronger too,so if you're blonde it will go lighter,if you're dark it will go even darker.

This can be found in Glamour magazine,4 of them is worth £41 but the magazine and this shampoo is £2!!


Aw,earmuffs are so cute! i am wearing so much pink here haha, with earmuffs i think you have
to have a light colour on dark same as anything else really!

I never really see people wearing earmuffs but i do hope someday they come in what people call 'fashion' haha,there so warm and comfy,me and my stepsister couldn't take them off!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Denim Skirt

This is so lush! Its high waisted which is good for crop tops!

The colour is so nice,i think this would suit everyone personally (girls obviously)...i know so many people that have got them!

Never seen i highwaisted one though,defo getting one soon!

Spike & Like

Spiked Blouse Pink Shirt...
love this so much! 

again its my mums,but i guess she just has a good taste in fashion,i would have never gone out and bought this for myself! i always try on my mums new clothes,even i don't like them,just like this..though it was weird at first turns doesn't look that bad.